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Santa (bread) Baby

About 5 years ago, we went to my mothers for Thanksgiving and she had made a cornucopia of bread. An actual cornucopia, of BREAD! Stuffed with more bread! I was in awe. Long story short, it started me on a path of food art that was entirely new for me, and while I've never done… Continue reading Santa (bread) Baby

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Fabric Candycane Tutorial

I may never be one of those people who experiences a life of balance and routine. I tend to give the most attention to whatever is in front of me, and I'm easily distracted. To prove my point, I wrote that first sentence an hour ago. My daughter needed me for a second, then I… Continue reading Fabric Candycane Tutorial

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Christmas Dollies

I don't even know what to say about this recipe. I was in the kitchen. I had cravings. It happened. But oh-my-goodness, I'm so glad it did. I love cookies and squares. And I love Christmas time. And I really love Starbucks Cranberry Bliss bars. My husband loves cookies and squares. And he also really… Continue reading Christmas Dollies

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Fondant from Scratch

Dear Fondant, I've been working with you for about 10 years now. Overall, I'd say we've had a mutually beneficial relationship. You make me look good. When people praise my work, it's you they're really looking at, without you my work would be somewhat ordinary. I've learned not to test your limits, and in return...… Continue reading Fondant from Scratch

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Repurposed Old Jeans = Cute Skirt!

First of all, can I have just one February where I don't end up sick?! And I mean, fog headed, fevered, lost a week of my life, SICK! Thankfully, I'm coming out of it now. I felt like I had turned a corner around 10pm last night, and had it confirmed this morning when I… Continue reading Repurposed Old Jeans = Cute Skirt!